The 2×12 In My Sound Booth

I have a tiny walk-in-closet in my apartment that doubles as a recording booth. Its located in a part of the building where sound dont seem to travel so much. So I can do (moderate level) overdubs late at night and my neighbours cant hear a thing. Wich is an absolute blessing.

Thick carpet to kill early reflections and standing waves. Ive taken the doors off the closet for them to act as bass traps.

Ive managed to just about cram my 2×12 cabinet + tube amp in there. With a little planning, tweaking and some hand-clap-testing all the linen, soft cases, clothes and shelving dampens very well with a minimum of standing waves.

One of my Greybacks. I think theyre early 70s…
Her name is Tigrid. She likes long walks on the beach and 12″ speakers

However… I got a bit bored with the Greybacks in my 2×12 and decided to swap them out with a Celestion G12-75 + a Fane Speaker I had laying around. Alas… the Fane didnt fit (ARGHHHHH)

Anyways. Im very pleased with swapping one speaker. The G12-75 is way more responsive and has more variety. Plus miking positioning makes a big difference. Greybacks distort no matter you do to them. Not a lot – but enough to be annoying. Now I need to figure out a way to fit the Fane in the cabinet without doing too much cutting and modding. Wish me luck 🙂

SM7. The obvious choice for guitar cabs.