Prototyping vs Procrastinating

The most used phrase on the internet. “I know I havent posted in a while..” and yes I havent. Not that Ive been lazy, in fact. Ive been coding more than ever. But whats happened is Ive upped my game and sunk my teeths in meatier stuff. The side effect of that is less postings. Unfortunatly…

Heres a screen shot of an EQ. Its not based on the regular RBJ Cookbook code or the Vicanek one. Its based (loosely) on a Bayesian Probablity Algorithm and the goal is for it to react dynamically in the passband. Im pretty sure Ive reached that goal but I do need to run way more tests. Plus the fact that probablity algorithm produces a big spike when the DAW starts. Not ideal.

It does look promising though and if this works its gonna be really cool 😀

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